Snoop Lion, Will I am, Prince, Wyclef Jean, Norah Jones, Kanye West, John Mayer and Kardinal Offishall are just a few of the incredible artists that our team has worked with. We are proud to produce epic videos with our roster of award winning directors.

We work closely with artists during the process of funding applications such as MuchFACT and MaxFACT. What makes us unique in the Canadian music video production scene:

1. We are the first and only production company in Canada to have created a fair agreement for our production crews and talent working on our music videos.  This agreement ensures that the sponsors’ and label’s funding is spent in the proper manner, and that all crew / talent are paid fairly and on time.
2. We are the only major production company that does not charge any fees to submit funding applications.
3. We offer assistance with social media and viral campaigns.
4. We offer assistance with branding and image creation for artists (including photography, behind the scenes and EPK creations).


Although Scott is one of biggest names in the car commercial industry, he has a hidden passion for music videos. Scott has directed hundreds of major, award winning commercials for clients such as Pepsi, GMC, Ford, Chevy, Coors light, Budweiser, and Playstation.

As a commercial director, paying attention to detail of the product is the most essential aspect of the job. Scott has delivered this perfection on many award winning music videos as well throughout his career.

He has worked with artists such as Prince, Carmen Electra, and Mizz Nina, as director on some, and DP on others.
Scott is the perfect director/DP for any branded music videos (music videos featuring sponsored products). Here is his extensive list of credits for both music videos and commercials.




Interview with Scott Mizz Nina feat.Colby O'Donis - What you waiting for [ Official Music Video ] Chris Cummings - That'll Teach Her Prince   Sexy Mother Fucker Prince & The New Power Generation - Get Off [HD]Streaming Video to Website by v2.7m

Mizz Nina feat. Colby O’Donnis “What You Waiting For” Director DP #1 in Malaysia, +4 million views
Chris Cummings “That’ll Teach Her” Director -Warner Canada, CMT Canada #1-5 weeks.
Prince “Sexy M.F.” Segment Director-DP/’A’ Camera Operator -Warner Bros. RIAA GOLD
Prince “Gett Off... Violet The Organ Grinder” DP -Paisley Park/Warner Bros. RIAA GOLD
Carmen Electra “Tasty” Director/DP -Paisley Park/Warner Bros.
Prince “Gett Off... Houstyle” DP -Paisley Park/Warner Bros. RIAA GOLD
Prince “Clockin’ The Jizz” DP -Paisley Park/Warner Bros. RIAA GOLD
Prince “Live in London” DP/’A’ Camera Operator -MTV footage and BBC footage
Prince “Money Don't Matter Tonight ‘A’ Camera -Paisley Park, Spike Lee, director RIAA GOLD
Prince “Willing and Able” ‘A’ Camera -Paisley Park/Warner Bros. RIAA GOLD
Prince “The Continental” Camera Operator -Paisley Park Warner Bros. Gerry Wenner, DP
Prince “Strollin" Director/DP -Paisley Park/Warner Bros.
Prince “Call The Law” Director/DP/Editor -Paisley Park/Warner Bros.
Prince “Gett Off-Gangster Glam” Director/DP/Editor -Paisley Park/Warner Bros. RIAA GOLD
Prince “Daddy Pop” Director/DP -Paisley Park Warner Bros.
Eric Leeds “Little Rock” Director/DP/Editor -Paisley Park/Warner Bros.
Ipso Facto “Hold On” Director/DP/Editor -Mouthpiece/Flying Fish
Prince “BBC Documentary” Segment Director/Cameraman BBC Films
Prince “My Name Is Prince” Insert/segment Cameraman Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Prince “Damn U” 2nd Unit Director/ ‘A’ Camera Operator-1st Unit Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Mavis Staples “The Voice” Camera Operator Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Prince Europe Tour Rehearsal films ‘91, ‘92, ‘93 Director/DP/Camera Operator Warner Bros.
George Clinton “We Can Funk” Casting Director/Coordinator Warner Bros./Paisley Park
The Time with Prince “We Can Funk” Casting Director Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Prince “Can’t Stop This Felling I Got” Casting Coordinator Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Prince Live in London “Nothing Compares 2 U” ‘A’ Camera Operator Warner Bros./Paisley
Tevin Campbell “Round and Round” Casting Coordinator Warner Bros./Paisley Park
The Time “Release It” 2nd 2nd AD Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Prince “Tick Tick Bang” Casting Coordinator Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Beej Cheyney (Suburbs) “Tour Film” Director/DP Epic
Prince “Thieves In The Temple” Casting Warner Bros./Paisley Park
The Time “Love Machine” Casting Director Warner Bros./Paisley Park
The Time “Shake” Casting Director Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Ingrid Chavez and Prince “Mystery of U” Casting Coordinator Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Prince “The New Power Generation” Casting Coordinator Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Prince “Elephants and Flowers” Casting Director Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Cee Cee Chapman Segment Director/DP Curb Records
Ex-Sample “Make Your Move” Director/DP/Editor Wide Angle Records
The Bros. “Chocolate Box” Casting Director Capitol Records
Prince “Live at Glam Slam-concert film” Director/DP Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Prince “Diamonds and Pearls” concert rehearsal tour film Director/DP

Pepsi “Countdown To Now” Director/DP NBC/Universal/Pepsico/Skycastle
Farouk G2/Arc “Miss Universe” Director/DP NBC/Universal/Skycastle
GMC Acadia/Terrain Launch “5 spots” Director/DP Digitas/Leo Burnett
General Motors Corp. “Chevy Winter Footage” Director/DP Agency 720 and Zimmerman
US Department of Health “Austin Anti Smoking” Director/DP Sherry Matthews Advocacy Group
Sempra/Southern California Gas Company “Neighbors” Director Imageworks
Lucas Oil, various projects and commercials Director/DP
Lowe’s Home Improvement “Backyard” Director/DP BBDO
GM Pontiac/Buick/GMC “2008-2009’ full vehicle line 56 vehicles, 23 days, Director/DP Leo Burnett
Chevy “Aveo” Director/DP Campbell Ewald
Ford “Contractor/Elope/Challenge” Director/DP Team Detroit
Direct TV “Tony Stewart” Director/DP Deutsch Advertising
Jeep/Daimler-Chrysler Corp “Mosquito” and Weasel” Director/DP Global Hue
Nextel/Sprint “Rusty Wallace” Director/DP Euro RSCG Worldwide
Kia Motorworks “Tested” Director David and Goliath
Ford Motor Corp. F-350 “Towing” & “Payload” Director/DP JWT
Secure Horizons w/Paul Newman “Branding” Director/DP Doner
Ford Motor Corp. “F-150 Plow” Director/DP JWT
EA Sports “NASCAR Thunder 2004” Director /DP OWNP
Ford Motor Corp. “NASCAR” Director/DP JWT
Coors Light “Cooler Box” Director/DP -The Integer Group
NAPA Auto Parts “2002 campaign-NASCAR” Director/DP -Fahlgren Adv.
Budweiser “Push On (Dale Ernhardt Jr.)” Director/DP -DDB
Sony Playstation/Codemasters “Jarrett and Labonte Racing” Director/DP -Ignited Minds/LA
AMTRAK “2000 Fall Campaign” Director -E. James White Adv.
NIAAA-Teen Alcohol National PSA’s “POV/Ask Why” Director/DP -Initio Adv.
Kumho Tires “Paint Splash” Director/DP -Sang Am Adv./Korea
Indigo “Game/Racing/Work” Director/DP -Wired World/Miller Brooks
Click 2 “Moments” Director/DP/Editor -Saeshe Adv./Korea
Red Wing Shoes “Cool Boots/Petty Racing” Director/DP -Initio Adv.
West Health “Dressing Room” Director/DP -Initio Adv.
American Motor Sports “Ned Jarrett” Director/DP -Boyden & Younblout
Polaris “ATV and Snowmobiles 2000” Director/DP -Media Loft
Jesse Ventura “Jesse ‘The Mind’” Director/DP/Producer -Northwoods Adv. ADWEEK top spot
Polaris “Rusty Wallace’s Classroom” Director -Media Loft/Martin Williams,
Onslow Memorial Hospital “Everyday Heroes” Director/DP -Notch/Bradley
R.J. Reynolds “NASCAR Winston Cup Thunder Theater” Director/DP
Zebco “Rhino Glow Tip Rods” Director/DP The Buntin Group
Senior Corps “RSVP-PSA” Director/DP/Editor -Ogilvy, Adams & Rienhart
Marshall Fields “Scientist-2 Day Sale” Director/DP -HMS Partners
Best Buy “Zip For Zip” Director -Best Buy Advertising
Associated Bank “Packer Backer Bank Card” Director/DP/Editor -Wm. Eisner & Assoc.
Simon Properties “Savings/Quality/Selection/Value” Director/DP -Asher Agency
Compaq/Fisher Price “Wondertools” Director/Editor -Rives/Carlsberg
Media Play “Anthem x 3” Director/DP -Musicland Adv.
Marshall Fields “Kids” “Retirees” “Customer Story” Director/DP/Editor -Dayton's Adv.
Mervyn's California “95 Christmas Campaign, “Shoes” “Blouses” Director/DP -Martin/Williams
Health Partners “Walker” “Dreams” Director/DP -Periscope Adv.
Minnesota State Lottery “I Feel Lucky” Director/Editor -Carmichael Lynch
Ameritech “Service” Director/DP -Fallon
Marshall Fields “Mother's Day (product)” Director/DP -Martin Williams Adv.
Rollerblade “Cats” Director/DP -Carmichael/Lynch 95' Cannes finalist
Target “Single Step” “Toymendous Funday” Director/DP -P/M/H The Show Finalist
Codewest Footwear “Statement” Director/DP -Louis London
Valleyfair “Rollercoaster” “26 Seconds” and others Director/DP/Editor -P/M/H
Minnesota State Lottery “Super Slots” “Wizards” Director/DP -Carmichael Lynch
Schwinn Bikes “The Ride” DP -Carmichael/Lynch/Minneapolis ADWEEK Top Spot
Saint Louis Galleria “Not Just Anyplace” Director/DP -Louis London Advertising
Musicland/Sam Goody “What's Hot” “Who's Got It” Director/DP -P/M/H

CANNES Film Festival Finalist commercial - The New York Festivals Gold World Medal, Bronze World Medal
- 18 TELLY Advertising Awards – Golden Cine Award – EFFIE Award – 2001 Summit Award/Gold – 2000
Vision Award – 12 RIAA Gold rated music videos - Sonoma Valley Film Festival - Method Fest Film Festival
Orinda Film Festival - Indie producer Film Festival, finalist for “Audition” - 2004 International Cinema and
Technology Tour “God’s Helper” - FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE BIARRITZ 2003 Jury Award “GODS HELPER”,
La Réalisation Integral Best Director “INNOCENT” and Best Actress in “GODS HELPER” - Circe de Ciurto
(Italy) Best Short - Drama Pick - 3 AURORA-Platinum & Best of Show 1999 - The New York
Festivals: 2 Silver Medals, Bronze Medal - 3 CINDI gold awards - Intercom Awards-Silver Plaque - National
ITVA: Bronze,/Gold/Silver - US International Film Festival: 2 Certificates of Creative Excellence - ADWEEK
Top Spots 1998 and 1994, 3 ADDY awards - AXIEM top award, Best of Show - 3 ITVA awards - 16 Minnesota
Music Video Awards “Director of the year” 3 years - CMT #1 Music Video 5 weeks- -Orton Dyslexia Society
Service Merit - Cystic Fibrosis Merit Award and more.