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Our prestigious roster of award winning and internationally renowned directors are able to deliver every project, no matter the size or complexity. Many times over have they been tried, tested, and trusted by over 100 international companies and brands.

We are unique, talented, and have handpicked the best commercial directors world has to offer. We always keep a short list. This way, the directors get equal representation without having their names lost among a large pool of directors and the clients are assured to have access to only experienced commercial directors.

Our unique team specializes in both major broadcast television commercials and unique viral branded campaigns to serve both small and major companies.

Randy Kent, a creative bandit bringing your brand to life even on a budget. Behold the capabilities before I bug you with more alliterating B words.

What I won’t do, I do for love. And since I love what I do, that leaves just about nothing. Except harming animals and children. And sharing snacks. I draw the line on sharing snacks.

Quirky, funny, outrageous, straight to the point, blood-curdling, tear-jerking, action-packed – however you want your ideas brought to life, I only do it two ways – well and always heartfelt.

Stereotypically based in Los Angeles and available for national and international projects.


Veeda - Stiletto Girl Veeda - Gorge Girl Veeda - Hippie Girl Seafood City - Pinoy Kitchen (English Version) Grill City - Binalot Doritos - "Dada" Man Versus Markets - "Office" Man Versus Markets - "Bathroom" Lunex Telecom - "Night & Day" Lunex Telecom - "Frustrated" Nature's Cure - "Wrestler" Career Builder - Rather Heinz - "Diner" Heinz - "BEEP" Futureshop - "Laptop" Excedrin - "Thriller" Prius - "Heist" Prius - "Lover's Lane"Streaming Video to Website by v2.7m