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Born in Rome in 1976, Dario started his career as an editor, working with internationally renowned film directors. He then moved on to directing himself, ranging from music videos and commercials to documentaries, and eventually, feature films. His first movie “Pablo”, innovative and unique in its kind, was pleasantly welcome and was in competition at The Montreal Festival, Los Angeles AFI Fest, and several other international festivals. The movie received positive response from the public and good reviews from the press, including Variety and The New York Times. 

After some time in the United States, where he worked on the “2 fast, 2 furious” advertising campaign, Dario moved to England, where he worked as a director for Universal Music, BBC, Channel 4, and Turner, again ranging from advertising to movies.  Following his British stint, Dario carried on several projects, including the rockumentary “Dallaltrapartedellaluna”, which was screened as special event at the 64th Venice Film Festival. 

In 2008 he directed the movie “Narciso, dietro i cannoni, davanti ai muli”, in competition in many festivals including Rome, Napoli, London, Big Apple, Sundance, and was a winner at  RIFF,  Salerno, Napoli, and few others. The same year Dario directed more commercials and video clips for Procter & Gamble, Chrysler, Sony, Universal, Emi, and other companies. He was also invited by Artmbassy gallery to present some of his experimental visual works in Berlin. In early 2010 Dario wrote and directed the movie "Gli Anni Verdi”, a very successful indie project.

He also directed Italian box office hit “Faccio un salto all'Avana”, for Medusa Cinema, and a prime time series for Mediaset. Lately, he just completed principal photography on “There's always a reason”, the first european-chinese coproduction, which will be widely released in China mid-2014. Currently Dario lives and works mostly in the United States, still shooting commercials, and is writing his next feature film, “Moonbus”, a tale about separation.

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